Welcome to the City Farm Ballymun Project


Who we are ...

We are a group of local residents with the objective of contributing to the social, economic and environmental health of our community. The committee first came together in 2015 to look at ways in which we, as local residents, could take an active role in ensuring that the ongoing regeneration programme and the development of the Local Area Plan for Ballymun can meet the needs of our community.

The committee looked at the strengths of Ballymun (some of which were identified in the retail study prepared as part of the LAP preparation) and having looked at approaches to regeneration programmes in other similar communities, we concluded that a city farm has the potential to make a significant contribution to the social, environmental, educational and economic development of our community.

Our Vision

Our vision is for a City Farm which is community facility in the heart of Ballymun. A City Farm consisting of a community garden, orchard, allotments, a mixture of rare breed farm animals, a cafe, a farm shop and rooms available for a variety of functions and events. A community facility for all, including those with physical and intellectual challenges, children, teenagers, adults, senior citizens and families. A recreational and educational facility for the entire city where people can come together to learn and have fun. A facility which creates opportunities for school projects , after school activities, summer projects, seasonal events, opportunities for young and old to learn new skills and avail of training opportunities.

Our vision is for a project that will create a top class visitor attraction in the heart of Ballymun. Which will help to create opportunities for businesses to thrive in the area, create opportunities for employment and training and make a contribution to creating a sustainable town centre and a thriving community.


Contact Us

If you share our vision and would like to be kept up to date on developments and public meetings you can join our mailing list at the following address,


Contact number (Stephen Chair person) : 0831995123