Our story so far...



The City Farm Ballymun project began several years ago when a group of local residents came together to develop a proposal to transform an existing, underused green space in to a community garden. That proposal was rejected by the City Council at the time. One reason given was that the use of the land in question would be examined as part of the preparation of the Ballymun Local Area Plan (LAP).


Having read the draft Local Area Plan and the Retail Study commissioned as part of the LAP process, we formed the view that the potential existed to create something unique to Ballymun which would contribute to the environmental, social and economic regeneration of the area.


The Ballymun City Farm project then began in earnest. Much has happened since we first submitted our proposal under the consultation phase of the Ballymun LAP. The highlights are set out below.


* December 2015 - Submitted initial proposal to DCC for community garden (Link)

* May 2017 - Proposal submitted under the Local Area Plan consultation phase (Link)

* June 2017 - Met with local City Councillors and TDs to outline proposal

* June 2017 - Gave presentation to Ballymun 4 Business Group

* June 2017 - Wrote to all local schools with a copy of our proposal under the LAP

* June 2017 - Approached Innovate Dublin to develop partnership with a view to securing funding for an independent, objective feasibility study to look at our proposal

* July 2017 - City Council adopt draft Ballymun LAP with provision for city farm project in Ballymun

* August 2017 - Committee wrote to local community and voluntary groups seeking meeting to outline proposal

* August 2017 - Committee met with head of Dublin City Council Parks Department to outline proposal and request independent, objective feasibility study be carried out

* September 2017 - submitted proposal for independent, objective feasibility study to DCC Parks Department

* September 2017 - Met with Dublin North West Area Partnership to outline proposal

* October 2017 - DCC adopts final Ballymun LAP which contains provision for a city farm

It is an objective of the Dublin City Council to review the use of the Z9 lands to the west of Carton Terrace and South of St. Margaret’s Rd, to provide for residential development which can include co-operative housing on the western half of the site and to explore the provision of a skate and bike park and/or allotments and a community farm. An alternative suitable location for these uses may be site No. 14: Balbutcher Lane.

* December 2017 - Presentation given to Ballymun Civic Alliance at which DCC give approval for the project and the proposed site - Part of site No. 14 in the LAP

* April 2018 - Public meeting held and presentation given on the project

* May 2018 - Ballymun in Bloom - Committee attended the event with a stall and information on the project

* May 2018 - Meeting held with Ballymun School Liaison Network representing all local schools

* June 2018 - Committee met with Ballymun Kickhams Committee members

* June 2018 - Attended Setanta Open day with stall and information packs

* June 2018 - Visited Kentish Town City Farm, London and met with CEO and staff of the farm (link)

* July 2018 - Met with Deputy Chief Executive of DCC to discuss the project

* July 2018  - Drafting of Blueprint and Public Consultation - Dublin City Council provided funding in 2018 for the preparation of a Blueprint for the proposed City Farm in Ballymun. The Committee, in conjunction with Innovate Dublin, has been drafting this Blueprint over the last several months. As part of that process we have been writing to and meeting with local service providers, community groups, parents groups, schools etc, to outline the proposal, provide an opportunity for input from interested parties and answer questions about the project.

* April 2019 - The Blueprint for the City Farm Ballymun has been completed and was submitted to Dublin City Council at the beginning of April 2019. The Blueprint makes a number of recommendations in relation to the project, including the most appropriate size and location for the City farm. We hope to engage with DCC in the coming weeks to move the project to the next phase.